Tupelo Honey Vs. Clover Honey: A Comparison

28 April 2022
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Most of the honey you see in grocery stores is clover honey, made by bees from the nectar of clover. However, honey can be made from the nectar of almost any flower. Another type of honey you'll see is tupelo honey. In fact, tupelo honey is considered to be one of the finest specialty honeys you can buy. So, what differentiates it from clover honey?

Tupelo honey has a different flavor.

If you were to try tupelo honey and clover honey side by side, you might not even believe they were the same substance. Tupelo honey is not as sweet as clover honey. It has an underlying buttery flavor and is not as floral as clover honey either. If you don't think you like honey, definitely give tupelo honey a try. People who do not like clover honey often like this variety.

Tupelo honey is better for diabetics.

Tupelo honey as a lower glycemic index than other honeys. This is because it contains more fructose and less glucose than clover honey and other sweeteners. As such, people with diabetes and others who want to lighten their glycemic load often choose tupelo honey for their coffee, tea, and other sweetening needs. Using clover honey, which is higher in glucose, would not have the same effect.

Tupelo honey does not crystallize.

Most honey crystallizes over time. Clover honey certainly does. There is nothing wrong with honey that crystallizes; you can still use and enjoy it. However, it does become a bit harder to use in its solidified form. Tupelo honey is unique in that it does not crystallize. Rather, it remains in its liquid state, even if you store it for years. The honey does not need to be heated to prevent this crystallization, either, which means it can be sold raw.

Tupelo honey is high in antioxidants and pollen.

You can find some clover honey that's high in antioxidants and pollen, but most of the honey in the store is not—largely because it has been heated. Tupelo honey is naturally high in antioxidants and pollen and is sold raw. This makes tupelo honey the better choice when using honey for therapeutic reasons, such as to manage allergies or infections.

If you come across tupelo honey, don't hesitate to give it a try. This honey is quite different from clover honey and has some distinct advantages. For more information, contact a local honey supplier and see if they sell tupelo honey.