Natural Tips for Women Who Want to Conceive

29 November 2019
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For many women, it feels like conceiving a child will never happen. Many women are afraid they are infertile, but they are not yet willing to commit to a major endeavor like IVF or adoption. Are you looking for natural ways to conceive? These tips may help you through the process.

Monitor Your Menstrual Cycle

One of the best things you can do to conceive naturally is to monitor your periods. Are your periods regular, coming at the same time every month? Or are they irregular, meaning your cycle length varies each month? Keep track of your cycle on a calendar so that you can better determine when you might be ovulating, which is when you release an egg and are fertile.

Avoid Smoking

Did you know that smoking cigarettes, which contain nicotine and carbon monoxide, can actually speed up the rate at which women lose eggs? If you become pregnant, you will want to quit smoking anyway, so starting now may be much less stressful.

Reduce Your Stress Levels

Your mental health can have a lot to do with your ability to conceive. When you are very stressed out, you could become less likely to become pregnant because of the changes to your hormones. In order to reduce your stress, you may need to cut down on your working hours or attend regular counseling sessions.

Live an Active Lifestyle

Individuals with an active lifestyle may be less likely to experience infertility. For obese women, losing weight and committing to regular physical activity is helpful too. Keep in mind that exercise should be moderate, as too much exercise could have the opposite effect. Keep in mind that women who are very overweight or underweight may also experience changes to their menstrual cycle that could make it more difficult to track ovulation and fertile time periods.

Consider Natural Supplements

Many women swear by natural supplements they take at home. Maca, which comes from Peru, is one option. Other supplements some people use include bee pollen and royal jelly. You can talk to a professional to learn more about the specific supplements that may work for you.

For many women, sticking to natural methods so that they can conceive is important. Many women try different techniques along the way, including drinking fertility tea as a way to increase the chances of success. Speaking with a professional is a great way to ensure you are taking every step possible to increase the chances of conception.