Signs Your Baby Is Ready for Solid Foods & Why Organic Baby Cereal Is a Good First Food Choice

28 May 2019
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Whether you start by breastfeeding or formula feeding your baby, it won't be long before it's time to start adding solid foods to your baby's diet. Your baby's doctor can help you decide when the time is right and help you choose the right first foods to provide. Here are signs it's time to start feeding your baby solid foods and why organic cereal could be a good choice.

Signs Your Baby Is Ready for Cereal

Babies develop at different rates, so rather than go by age, watch for signs that your baby has developed swallowing skills. If your baby likes to put things in their mouth and can hold their head in an upright position for safe swallowing, it might be time to try feeding solids.

Cereal is a good choice since it can be mixed with breast milk or formula to have a runny consistency and a familiar taste. It's normal for your baby to push out food with their tongue, but if this is done consistently and your baby doesn't swallow, you may need to wait a bit and try to start solids when your baby is better at swallowing and can sit up well with support.

Why Organic Baby Cereal Is a Good Starting Food

Baby cereal has a mild taste that your baby might enjoy more readily than something like carrot puree that has a stronger flavor. Your doctor will probably advise you to start with a single food and feed it for a few days to watch for reactions. This helps you pinpoint foods that your baby might be allergic to. While you can buy baby cereal that has a mixture of grains, start with a single-grain cereal until you've determined your baby can tolerate all the grains.

Cereal is a good starting food because it is easy to make it as thin as you need. Baby cereal has a fine texture so it can barely thicken the breast milk for the initial feedings. This gets your baby used to the gradual thickening of the texture of the cereal and helps your baby learn to swallow thicker foods.

When choosing baby cereal, you may want to look for the organic variety. Organic baby cereal isn't treated with chemical pesticides like traditional grains, so you may feel better about providing your baby with a cleaner option in food. Since your baby is so small and growing, you want the healthiest food options when possible so your baby has a healthy foundation for life, especially considering your baby may eat cereal every day. It may be difficult to find organic choices in everything, but it's easier to find boxes of organic baby cereal, so that can eliminate one source of potential exposure to agricultural pesticides when you choose it over traditional cereal.