Two Ways Hemp Seed Oil Fights Back The Effects Of Menopause

12 January 2017
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Menopause impacts the life of women in different ways. Some women may have very few symptoms during this change of life, whereas other women become quite miserable from the impact it has on them. As a woman who has just entered the menopause phase, you may be looking for natural ways to minimize the impact it has on you. Organic hemp seed oil is a dietary supplement that can reduce menopausal symptoms, so it could be a good fit for your needs. Consider these thoughts.

Hormonal Balance

When your ovaries get older, the amount of hormones being released decreases. Estrogen production, in particular, fluctuates during this time in your life. Low levels of estrogen can lead to insomnia, headaches, vaginal dryness, and night sweats.

Hemp seed oil is beneficial because it contains an acid that can assist with the regulation of your hormonal balance. Before taking hemp seed oil, have a blood test done by your obstetrician so you can determine which hormone levels are low.


Many women suffer from depression once menopause arrives. This is often due to the fluctuating hormone levels.

Hemp Therapy reports that hemp oil is filled with Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These acids have already been proven to be effective in helping the brain to work well. A brain which is functioning properly and which is able to heal itself effectively is a brain that can fight back against depression.


Using hemp seed oil to fight back against your menopause symptoms is not difficult. Once way to use it is to mix it with other essential oils and use it like a moisturizer. Combine 4 ounces of hemp seed oil with approximately 50 drops of your favorite essential oil. This can be applied once a day. The oil then enters your blood stream through the skin.

If you prefer to take the hemp seed oil internally, combine three drops of hemp seed oil with one drop of olive oil. Depending on how you react to the oil, you can take this combination up to three times a day. A reputable health food store or natural healer can give you more specific advice about dosage depending on your specific needs.

Hemp seed oil could make this life transition a lot easier on your body, and it is a more natural alternative to taking hormone replacement therapy products. Because it is such a natural way to help fight back against the effects of menopause, it is well worth investigating further. For more information on hemp seed oil, check out websites like