Give Your Healthy Smoothie a Power Boost with These Superfood Additions

4 January 2017
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If you are a smoothie connoisseur, you probably have at least one every day to make sure you get all those vital nutrients in the fruits and veggies in your diet. While a healthy smoothie will definitely make you feel pretty good, they don't always give you enough energy. What you can do to give your average smoothie a boost of energy-providing power is to include some superfood ingredients that are known to give you more energy naturally. Take a look at these energizing superfoods to include in your next morning smoothie to give you a power jump to carry you through the day. 

Chia Seeds—A lot of people don't think of adding these powerful seeds to a smoothie because of their texture, which is comparable to poppy seeds. However, you can easily grind these babies into a finer powder with a food processor and drop them into your smoothie mixer. Even if they are not ground, the seeds are so small and crispy that they are pretty much the same as strawberry seeds, so you probably will never notice. These seeds regulate your blood sugar in addition to providing other benefits, and that means they offer a stabilized energy flow through several hours after consumption. 

Walnuts—Walnuts are one of those superfoods that often get disregarded simply because they are such a common food. However, these nuts are packed with powerful antioxidants that are hard to get enough of in your regular diet. Plus, walnuts are rich in magnesium and protein, so they curb hunger and offer ample energy. The best thing about walnuts in smoothies is the fact that the flavor pairs well with many fruits, and they are softer than a lot of other nuts, which makes them easy to grind. You can make walnuts even softer by soaking them in water for several hours before you plan to use them. 

Coconut Water—Add a tropical twist to your smoothie with the sweet taste of coconut by adding a splash of coconut water. You will also reap the benefits of added energy and nutrition as well. Coconut water is filled with healthy vitamins like calcium and magnesium and essential electrolytes that are easy for the body to absorb. Coconut water is so well known for providing energy that it is often used as a supplemental ingredient for caffeine in coffee or tea for those trying to eliminate caffeine from their diet. 

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